• Mike McGroarty

Mysterious 'polygraph fliers' emerge during Alki David trial

August 20, 2019 LOS ANGELES—Midway through the Alki David sexual harassment trial Monday—before the jury had returned from lunch—Superior Court Judge Christopher K. Lui read aloud a note written to him by one of the jurors.

According to the note, several copies of a flier claiming that David has passed a polygraph test were found scattered around the Stanley Mosk courthouse cafeteria.

Lisa Bloom, attorney for plaintiff Elizabeth Taylor, was quick to urge Judge Lui to admonish David over the fliers.

Lui advised caution, reminding everyone that the origin of the fliers is not yet known.

Later in the proceedings, however, after the jurors had taken their seats, David—who is prone to flamboyant and distracting outbursts—muttered under his breath: “I guess I can’t talk about the polygraph.”

It was a clear enough statement to prompt Judge Lui to reprimand David.

“I know you’re not a lawyer,” Lui said, “but every law student learns in law school” about the scientific unreliability of polygraph tests.

David then asked if a polygraph test could be admissible if he agreed to it.

“They are inadmissible,” said Lui, sharply warning David not to raise the issue again.

During this exchange, lawyers for the plaintiff, produced several additional fliers of a similar nature found in the hallway just outside the courtroom.

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