• Mike McGroarty

Judge threatens Alki David with two sanctions—at $1K each—within first 30 minutes of trial

August 20, 2019

LOS ANGELES—The second day of testimony in the $10 million sexual harassment lawsuit against Alki David got off to another raucous start Tuesday morning.

Appearing at court late due to a “genuine emergency related to another case,” preternaturally composed Superior Court judge Christopher K. Lui offered profuse apologies—almost as if to demonstrate to David how to comport himself under stress. 

But whatever lesson might have been learned by David simply wasn’t. 

Within 30 minutes, he was shouting about the money and jobs he insists he brings to the United States—and threatening to abandon the proceedings entirely. 

“Nobody can touch me!” he proclaimed in his deep, booming baritone. 

Leading up to the climax of that moment was plaintiff Lisa Bloom’s complaint that David’s conversations in the courthouse hallway—within earshot of jurors—amount to “jury tampering.” 

Bloom further complained about David’s most recent Instagram posts, one of which she alleged shows a “doctored photo” of Bloom and her client, Elizabeth Taylor, “with blood on our face.”  

Also at issue is a video in which David purportedly shows the results of a recent polygraph test—a topic Judge Lui has already warned is completely inadmissible in court.  

Lui scolded David for his “calculated” interruptions. “Your conduct has delayed this case by essentially a couple of court days,” he said after handing him a $1000 sanction for violation of civil procedure and deducting 10 minutes from the balance of his allotted time. 

Then Lui attempted to move on to the next issue: whether or not he would allow Bloom to show video excerpts of David’s deposition to the jury. 

That’s when David exploded: “She just wants to ignore the whole gestalt and make herself look fabulous!” 

Not to be outdone, Lui replied, “that’s what people do in trial, Mr. David,” eliciting muffled giggles throughout.

With the jury back in the room, and the second half of Elizabeth Taylor’s testimony finally resuming, it appeared that things might have settled down. 

However, during a private sidebar conversation with the Judge, Bloom suddenly yelled, “Don’t touch me!” and could be overheard urging Lui to order David to keep his hands off her. 

In addition to a second $1000 sanction, Lui instructed David to stand next to him during future sidebars. 

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